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About Beal Business Brokers & Advisors

We deliver value-added services in the following areas:
Over 15 years of helping people buy, sell, value, and improve your business
Exit Your Insurance Agency

Business Brokerage

Buying and selling a business is unlike any other transaction you will do. Each business is unique, each buyer is unique, and each seller is unique. Beal Business Brokers & Advisors can help you buy a business and sell your business with confidence and discretion.

Business Valuation

Need to know what your business is worth? We can help you determine the value of it and understand the key drivers of that value, so you will know how to improve it.

Succession Planning/Exit Strategies

Looking to retire? Great! Is your business ready for you to retire? Can you afford to retire? Do you know how to minimize your tax burden when you are looking to sell or pass your business on to your children? We can help you understand the options that are available to you. Think it’s too early? The earlier you start, the more your business can be worth, and the more options you have to minimize taxes. If you’re thinking of getting out within five or less years, start today.

Business Start Up/Business Growth

New business ventures need business plans to set direction and strategy. Our business plans have been instrumental for our clients in setting the stage for sustainable business growth, as well as in securing financing. We work with new and existing business owners to examine all areas of their business to ensure maximum success. We can help make your business grow profitably using proven success strategies, step-by-step guidelines and an abundance of insight from our experience in working across a wide variety of industries.

About Steven BeaL, MBA, CPA, CGA, CFA, CBV, CBI, M&AMI – Principal, Beal Business Brokers & Advisors

Steven Beal, Principal


Steven Beal is the Founder and Principal of Beal Business Brokers and Advisors. Prior to starting his consulting practice, Steven had an extensive 15-year career at the Royal Bank of Canada in numerous corporate financial management positions. During his time as Managing Director of Global Banking, Steven was responsible for overseeing a budget in excess of $500 million, and an asset base of $30 billion.

Since starting Beal Business Brokers and Advisors, Steven has successfully advised numerous clients on mandates such as business sales, business acquisitions, strategic planning, business planning, and business valuations. Through his work as an advisor, Steven has developed expertise across a wide range of industries. Today, clients of Beal Business Brokers and Advisors benefit from Steven’s extensive knowledge and experience in all matters of financial management for small to medium-size businesses.

Steven obtained his Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) from Ivey Business School in 1988. He is active in his community, having served as a director on the boards of several non-profit organizations.

The Beal Business Brokers & Advisors team consists of:

Nelson Barros, Business Broker

Nelson Barros, B.Comm. (Hons), Business Broker

Nelson obtained his Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) from the I.H. Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba in 2013, where he majored in Finance and Entrepreneurship.

Nelson began as an associate consultant with Beal Consultants in May 2013 where he has gained experience working with businesses and organizations to develop business plans for expansion or entry into new markets; and performing business valuations in preparation for sale or transition within the family.

In 2015, Nelson started working on acquisitions and business sales where he currently focusses on:

  • Business sales negotiation and deal structuring under $20 million.
  • Mediation and conflict resolution as it relates to bringing buyers and sellers together for a successful close.
  • Creative approaches to traditional deal and finance structuring.
  • Helping first time and experienced buyers/sellers navigate the pitfalls of the sale process.
Nelson Barros, Business Broker

Peter Fast, BA. FCUIC, Senior Consultant

Mr. Fast obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Manitoba in 2010, where he majored in Economics. Mr. Fast is continuously furthering his education and experience. He is working on his Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) designation and is also currently enrolled in the AACI (Commercial Real Estate Appraisal) program.


Prior to joining Beal Business Advisors, Mr. Fast worked in the banking industry and was responsible for a large mortgage portfolio and at a large accounting firm doing business valuations and real estate appraisals. Mr. Fast is the Senior Consultant at Beal Business Advisors, where his work includes:


  • Developing detailed business plans for expansion or entry into new markets;
  • Performing business valuations;
  • Working with businesses and organizations using proven strategic planning and evaluation   techniques, detailed analyses, and broad-ranging strategic thinking; and
  • Assisting business owners looking to exit their business by helping them develop succession plans and exit strategies.


Mr. Fast has substantial experience in financial modeling, including detailed income statement, balance sheet and cash flow analysis and forecasting.

Nelson Barros, Business Broker

Hoj Soltani, BA, RCIC, BDM, Senior Business Consultant

Hoj is a business broker and senior consultant with more than 25 years experience in helping new immigrant business buyers  as well as forigen investor to find a suitable business to purchase, as well as real estate investment opportunities across Canada.

Hoj’s focus is on identifying the opportunities that fit client needs and expectations . We help business buyers through every step of purchasing a business — identifying the right company, obtaining the most beneficial terms, and completing the transaction. He has a far-reaching network across Canada, with strong relationships to allow him to find opportunities quickly, accurately, and efficiently.  You can rest assured that our search is entirely confidential.