Sell or Transition Your Business

We can help you sell your business in Winnipeg and the surrounding area.

Looking to sell your business but don’t know where to begin?

If you own your own business, ‘retirement’ doesn’t mean getting a gold watch and walking out the door one last time. It means determining the best exit strategy for you (there are many), preparing the business for your eventual exit, maximizing its value, finding a buyer/investor, worrying about tax issues, legal issues, succession issues, and of course, confidentiality.

We can help.

We are experts in helping people exit their business in a way that maximizes their return and protects their confidentiality.

The first step is to determine the best exit option for your business – whether that is a single buyer, or a private equity group, or perhaps just a re-capitalization where you sell part, but not all, of your business.

You’ve worked too hard to risk everything. It takes time, effort, and proper preparation to maximize your business’ value. We can work with you to make operational and financial improvements that will increase the value of your business.

Selling your business is risky and there is a lot at stake. Preparing the business, finding buyers, negotiating price, all while maintaining confidentiality and running the business is stressful and incredibly challenging. Beal Business Brokers & Advisors can help you negotiate through the maze, ultimately resulting in a better price but also in peace of mind. Beal Business Brokers & Advisors has the business knowledge to explain to a potential buyer the value of your business and has the experience to know how your business will look from the buyer’s point of view. Studies have shown that a good business advisor can get significantly more for your business, with less hassle, than you can on your own.

Perception is everything!

What do potential buyers look for? How do buyers perceive different aspects of the business? Beal Business Brokers & Advisors can help show your business in the best light from a buyer’s perspective and enhance the business value.

It takes time to prepare for and to navigate the selling process. Juggling that on top of a business and personal life can be a lot for a business owner to handle. We can help you save time and money.


Business Transitions – Family or Other

Looking to sell your business to your child(ren) and/or an employee? We can assist with valuation, deal structure and preparing you and the business for sale. As an external, objective party, we can help all parties work through the issues involved.

Click here for succession planning.


External Sales – Business Brokerage

Business brokerage is the professional practice of assisting people buying and selling a business, typically at the smaller end of the scale, usually to an individual buyer. Due to the complexities of business sales, it is important to involve knowledgeable professionals.

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External Sales – Mergers & Acquisitions

The “Mergers & Acquisitions” aspect to a business sale comes into play when the most likely buyer is another business – either a competitor or someone in a related field. In addition, certain types of businesses are in demand from professional business buyers/investors known as “private equity groups.” These types of buyers can bring creative options to the table, including buying less than 100% of your business, and allowing the owner to remain, run and grow it.

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