Buying a Business Webinar

The decision to purchase an existing business is an enormous step in your career. While there is merit and a certain sense of accomplishment in starting your own business, buying a business mitigates a great deal of risk, helping to eliminate many of the potential pitfalls, stressors, and financial obstacles of a start-up. If your expertise or passion lies in optimization, growing what already exists, and building upon a business’ current operations, then this webinar is essential for you as an entrepreneur. 

In this webinar, we will review the process of buying a business and focus on the issues to be aware of, especially key topics such as:

  • Finding the right business to buy
  • The buying process
  • How to value a business
  • How to finance an acquisition
  • Due diligence – what is it, exactly?

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Buying a Business e-Book

Searching, Drafting an Offer, & Financing

This guide will walk you through easy to understand steps of acquiring a business, from evaluating your own credentials as a business owner to searching for a business, selecting the one that is right for you, making an offer, financing, due diligence, and closing. Get your FREE e-book today!