Over the next few posts, we want to talk about the five most common myths that business
owners have when they think about selling their business. In this post, we want to talk about the
“do-it-yourself” myth.

Myth #1 – I Can Sell It Myself
Many owners believe they know how to sell their business. Many owners are the key
salesperson for their company. But selling your business is not like selling a product or service.
If you try to sell your own business, confidentiality is lost. You risk losing clients and employees
– the very goodwill you are trying to sell!

In addition to the confidentiality issue, there is the
time issue. Do you really have the time to run your business and compile marketing materials,
advertise, screen buyers, give tours and facilitate due diligence? Industry statistics suggest fifty
(50) buyers inquire about a business before it is sold, and only 5% of buyers actually wind up
buying a business. There are a lot of tire-kickers out there!

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