In order to maximize the value of your business, it is important that the owner not be
indispensable in his/her business. But business owners need to consider that one day, you will
be no longer able to run your business. No one likes talking about the four “D’s” of business
ownership, but we all need to plan for the worst, especially, as a business owner, you have
people counting on you (your clients, your employees, your family). The four “D’s”; are:
 Death
 Disability
 Divorce
 Disagreement amongst partners

You and your partners need to have a clear action plan and a shareholder's agreement that
would address these issues. You should have a plan to ensure there are systems and processes
that run the business without you. But even with the best systems, there will still be some
decisions and work that only the business owner can do.

Therefore, it is essential you have backup plans and contingencies to ensure the ongoing survival of the business even if something catastrophic happens to you. Specific questions to ask yourself:
 What would happen if you die or become disabled?
 Do you have a plan to retain key employees?
 Do you know what your business is worth?
 Do you know how to increase its value?
 Do you have a Buy/Sell agreement if you have partners?
 Do you know where the money would come from to finance that acquisition?

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